I have a background of working in the corporate sphere, however the past 10 years of living with a child with cancer have impacted me greatly, and have led to me to regularly write and speaking about this horrendously challenging journey. Many of the things I've learnt can be applied to any challenge we face in life, not just cancer.

In 2018 I published a book about some of our journey of living with a child with cancer - Victoria Grace - Living with victory through childhood cancer.  It includes the practical strategies, tips and checklists we used to during this period to help our family survive this season. 

If you are planning an event and are looking for a speaker on any of the following topics, please contact us.

Living with a child with cancer – strategies for making it through
Siblings – helping them thrive when they have a sibling with special needs
Marriage – keeping your marriage going during the crisis and then when you are an on-going primary carer
Caring for the carer – coping with depression and strategies for good mental health
Rehabilitation – strategies for helping a young child requiring physical rehabilitation
Writing as therapy – steps for writing your story
Building resilience - Adversity is a good teacher – for us and our children
Spirituality – where is God when the tough times come

Corporate / Business Background

For the past 16 years I have worked at Newsletter House in a management capacity, including helping navigate the business through the economic challenges of being a small business hit by the GFC.

Prior to August 2003 the majority of my experience was in project-related roles in the banking sector. Particularly project planning, process improvement and project office roles.