Are you feeling fearful?
Have you lost hope?
Are you disappointed?

Wendy Robinson has experienced all these emotions many times over the past ten years, when her three year old daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Wendy Robinson

Wendy shares regularly in blogs and podcasts the strategies God taught her
 to keep living life to the full  despite her circumstances.

Free 30 Day Devotional Journal

Wherever we are on our journey as a Christian, we can always drawer closer to God. About six years into our journey with a daughter with cancer I created this devotion, with the goal of helping people make space in the challening times to be still and hear God's voice.

Our God - Drawing Closer to God - Day 1

The 30 day devotional is available online,  YouTube. See below to download a PDF version.


In my lifegroup we are studying Romans. What a wonderful time we are having getting greater revelation of


What does worship mean to you? Recently I read this statement about worship. It reminded me that worship


During COVID-19 our business slowed down, so Ken and I took the opportunity to learn some new skills,


In these interesting days, how are you going with ‘being content’ when things keep changing? Restrictions tighten and


Are you a praying person? If not, perhaps today is a great day to start. Keep reading and


Have you experienced a time when you thought to yourself, “I wish Jesus was here with me.” I



Listen to some recent interviews where Wendy shares some of the challenges of having a child with cancer, along with strategies to help get through each day. She also explains how she has seen that God always goes before us. He always has a plan and it is good.

Wendy Robinson Media Interviews


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Drawing Closer Devotional - By Wendy Robinson

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